Policy Memos

Repeal of Prohibition on Use of CMHS BG funds in Prisons or Jails (2/26/2020)

Opioid STR Funds to For-Profits OTPs Memo (2/20/2018)

Clarification of Language in HB 1121: re: Initiation of Involuntary Examination of Minors (11/3/2017)

Policy Memo Regarding Mental Health First Aid and Block Grant Funding (10/16/2017)

STR MAT Service Period Memo (5/11/2017)

Ensuring Forensic Case Managers are Attending Court (9/9/2016)

Policy memo to clarify scope of svcs funded by BG HIV EIS funding (12/31/2015)

Housing Choice Memo (10/9/2015)

CSU-SRT Designated Smoking Area Guidance (8/12/2015)

Performance Based Prevention System (7/1/2015)

SAMH-funded services to persons pending admission to non-SAMH benefits programs (4/8/2015)

Family Intensive Treatment Service Areas Signed Memo (4/2/2015)

Memo Regarding Primary Prevention Block Grant Funding for Parenting Classes (3/13/2015)

Revised Definition of Psychiatric Nurse (1/30/2015)