Complaints and Grievances

Complaints and grievances can be raised by you, a family member or friend, your legal guardian, or authorized representative.

We encourage you to try to solve any issue with your service provider. You can try to discuss your concern with a staff member or a client representative. Your service provider should give you written information about their grievance process, including time frames for conflict resolution.

In the event that the resolution from the provider is not satisfactory to you, and you have exhausted all the options for appeals at the provider level; you can present your concern to the CFCHS. You can do so in writing by clicking here, or by calling 1-844-302-0433.  Please keep in mind that because of HIPAA and confidentiality laws, CFCHS will only receive information related to funded clients.

When calling, please provide detailed information of the circumstances surrounding the complaint. The following procedure will then take place:

  • CFCHS designee will contact you withing 2 business days.
  • CFCHS will work with the service provider to find a resolution.
  • Either CFCHS or the service provider will contact you to let you know of the outcome.
  • If you are still in disagreement with the proposed resolution, or at any point of the process,  you can also contact the Department of Children and Families, Substance Abuse and Mental Health Program Office Central Region at (407) 867-0063 or if applicable, the Office of the Inspector General at  1-800-543-5353.