Space Coast Heath Foundation

The awareness of and need for behavioral health services is certainly on the rise. At Space Coast Health Foundation, we are fortunate to collaborate with many behavioral health partners including Central Florida Cares Health System (CFCHS). Without the support of CFCHS, many providers would not be able to offer the access to behavioral health that residents need to live healthier lives.

  • Johnette Gindling
  • President/CEO

Osceola County

Inmates successful transition into society requires strong partnerships between the Corrections Department and the community.  Reentry is not the sole responsibility of the jail or the community, but a joined effort.  To be effective, reentry initiatives require a strong collaboration amongst community providers and jail stakeholders.  Central Florida Cares Health System’s access to behavioral health services is instrumental in providing inmates the resources they need to be successful upon their release and lead productive and healthier lives. 

  • Major Allison Jackson
  • Osceola County Jail

Community Counseling Center of Central Florida, LLC

Provider partnerships with Central Florida Cares Health System, Inc. are a vital part of the Central Florida community accessing help to receive services in order to achieve their potential. Together, our System of Care works collaboratively to ensure that persons served are treated with dignity and respect in their time of need and are able to access desired services in a timely manner. The team partners provide a high quality of care and are eager to serve!

  • Corrie L. Kindyl, Ph.D., LMHC, LMFT, NCC, ACS
  • Chief Executive Officer

211 Brevard

Central Florida Cares does more than allocate funding for behavioral health services; its team are true collaborators in designing systems that help people access needed behavioral health services.  They are innovative, responsive to provider suggestions, engaged with community organizations and proactively seek opportunities to expand and enhance services.

  • Libby Donoghue
  • Executive Director

Eckerd Connects

Central Florida Cares Health System (CFCHS) is more than a funding source for mental health and substance misuse programs in our area – they have truly shown themselves to be actual partners to the provider agencies. Our CFCHS-sponsored programs focus primarily on two domains: 1) youth substance misuse prevention and 2) support for people experiencing homelessness in our community. Because of CFCHS’s collaboration, guidance, technical assistance and mutual commitment to the highest standards of quality, we have been able to innovate how services are delivered and reach more people with our services. Hence, we truly feel that our clients’ success stories are CFCHS’s success stories too. That feeling of partnership has continued even during the COVID-19 pandemic by means of CFCHS’s productively supportive provider meetings and the availability of abundant personal protective equipment (PPE) for providers. We are sincerely grateful to have CFCHS as our managing entity.

  • Stanley Brizz, MS
    Director of Prevention & Family Services
    Chairperson, Brevard Prevention Coalition & Opioid Abuse Task Force